A Parody For the Web3 Generation

Goodnight Crypto will be available in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats. Collect them all and enjoy family reading that brings a few rhymes to the investment opportunity of a lifetime.



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Goodnight crypto

Project vision

Hear from the author on his vision for the book, the audiobook format, NFTs, and how you can get involved.

About the author


I grew up in the early phases of the internet, hearing the screeching sounds of dial-up to get on and check my yahoo e-mail, and then get a buzz from the pager that hung on my belt with an indication my girlfriend was back home and available to talk.

As I finished high school I decided to pursue a career in the web, but in 1998, there were no real classes for this in college yet. So, I chose the graphic design route and self-taught myself the early aspects of web development. I remember when CSS came out, when Google launched, and eventually when Facebook and other social media platforms emerged to form Web 2.0.

Even today, I still work in this space. I run a boutique digital marketing agency and co-founded a start-up that focuses on commercial retail and real estate technology. But, I’ve adapted my work to fit a different lifestyle that the internet and connectivity has made possible.

Starting in 2016, my family took on the journey of becoming digital nomads. We have been full-time RVing for over 5 years, traveling around the US, visiting amazing places, and enjoying our National Parks while I run our businesses, and we road school our three amazing kids.

Web3 will be another major paradigm shift of the reality we live in. Those that embrace the change early and get involved will have a good chance of growth and hopefully, experience a resurgence in personal freedoms. Investing in crypto and watching the growth of the industry since 2018, I’m bullish on the potential that lies ahead.

Here’s to the Web3 Generation… we’re ready, and let’s make it happen!






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